This is one of the most important steps. So we thought we will make a quick video explaining how the integration works.

You can check it out here,

In case you prefer document, here you go!

Steps to Complete Integration

  • Login to your formX Console
  • Navigate to the formyou want to integrate ( or create a new form ).
    • Refer screenshot for reference 
  • Click on Setup icon on the top right.
  • You will get the installation details there. Follow the instructions.

Important Points To Note :

* Make sure you paste the script in the bottom of your code, before you close the body tag.

* Ensure your form id is same in the script and in the <form> tag.

* Make sure you don't add ACTION and METHOD attributes in the <form> tag. It will confuse the compilers which one to follow. formX script that you pasted in the bottom of the code will take care of the same.